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Its time isn’t it? Are you tired of paying high rates on your auto, home, motorcycle and insurance? Your credit cards? Your home loan? We talk to allot of people who have had a “financial misstep” and be assured you are NOT alone. Life Happens to all of us. The key is not to put off fixing it!

Now you may be overwhelmed if you just had a divorce (like I did in 1998) or you lost your job or business (like I did in 2007) or a medical issue that you had no control over. But even if you had to file bankruptcy, had a foreclosure or short sale or even Identity Theft, the good news is its HISTORY and YOUR GOOD CREDIT can be RESTORED.

Just don’t wait to do it, it’s costing you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS every year. Your car insurance on one vehicle with low scores compared to high scores may be costing you $80-$100 a month!!! For just ONE car! (We called an insurance agent and had the run the same car with bad scores vs good scores – this alone with 2 cars could be costing you $150-$200 a month. Some credit card rates are 20-30 %!

USCCRA’s approach is to review all 3 of your recent credit reports because everyone’s report is different and each situation is different. It’s just like going to the doctor for a checkup, let’s get a base line of what’s reporting that’s good credit and what’s reporting that may be derogatory credit. Then USCCRA will design an Action Plan to restore your good credit standing.

Many of our client’s have tried to fix their own credit. In fact disputing your credit it easy, getting results is not. Take a look at your report, can you read it? Do you know what it reporting accurately and what is not? If you don’t’ know all the laws and what your rights are as a consumer how are you going to be able to know WHAT to dispute and then how to dispute it?

Well for the same reason you don’t do your own knee surgery, or pull a tooth, you go to a specialist who knows what they are doing. Some people don’t even change the oil in their cars anymore.

Stop delaying – Take the first step today and get your review, you will learn more about your credit in just a few minutes that you ever knew before, and it will serve you for a lifetime!

Are You Sick With Worry? Your Credit and Your Health

Percentage of people who reported to be stressing over being in debt:

27% reported ulcers or digestive-tract problems (compared with 8% of those who have low levels of debt stress)
44% had migraines or other headaches (compared with 15%)
29% suffered severe anxiety (compared with 4%)
23% reported severe depression (compared with 4%)
6% had heart attacks (twice as many in the lower-stress groups)

Source: Associated Press/AOL poll for Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation


Feeling Financial Pressure?

Stress about money and finances appears to have a significant impact on Americans’ lives. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of adult’s report feeling stressed about money at least some of the time and nearly one-quarter say that they experience extreme stress about money (22percent rate their stress about money during the last month as a 8, 9, or 10 on a 10 point scale). In some cases, people are putting their health care needs on hold because of financial concerns.

Source Stress in America Report released February 4, 2015 American Psychological Association Survey

How Personal Credit Scores are Calculated

The chart to the left is used for FICO mortgage scores. There are also FICO automobile scores, credit card scores and a generic FICO scores. There are currently over 52 versions of the FICO mortgage scores!!

Have you ever gone online and got one score, then you have a mortgage professional pull your report and your scores are much lower? USCCRA will help de-mystify the scoring system for you during your FREE REVIEW. Schedule your FREE Review and USCCRA Action Plan so you are no longer guessing about your credit scores.




  • Number of trade experiences
  • Trends Over Time
  • Outstanding Balances
  • Public Record Frequencey and Dollar Amount
  • Payment Habits
  • Credit Utilization
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