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Is Credit Repair A Legal and Ethical Solution for My Clients?

Credit Repair, Credit Restoration, Can You Fix My Credit? What comes to your mind when you hear those words?

The answers we hear most of the time from our clients is things like, “it’s probably a scam”, it’s too expensive”, “it takes to long”, “the items you remove will just re-appear”, “that’s not legal”. Sound familiar?

Most of our clients have had what we call a “Life Happens” event such as a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, Identity Theft or medical issues. Some just want to purchase or refinance their home but higher credit scores, changing lender guidelines and Appraisal Values are hurting your chances of doing so.

Is Credit Repair Legal?

You bet it is! As a consumer you have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) passed in 1970. Essentially this gives you the right to have the information about you reported accurately, your information must be verifiable and if you dispute an item they have 30-40 days to respond.

Why do you think this law was passed? Because many credit reports are not accurate and contain errors. The Federal Trade Commission receives more complaints about the credit bureaus, almost more than any other industry!

The other law that protects you is CROA, the Credit Repair Organizations Act. If credit repair was illegal then there would not be a law governing Credit Repair Organizations.

“It’s Just a Scam”

Unfortunately with every industry there are some who don’t operate within the law. Combine that with the large amount of bankruptcies, foreclosures and short sales, job losses and you have a large market that attracts scammers. Be careful when choosing a company to represent you.

“It Takes Too Long”

We like to remind our clients that your credit didn’t get into this condition overnight and you probably won’t get out of overnight. Some liken the credit repair process to building a house. When they sign up you are pouring a slab, in 6-8 months the house is done and ready to move in!

Keep in mind some clients are done in 4 months and some in 9-12 months.

“Deleted Items Will Just Come Back On”

Some items when challenged will be removed while the credit bureaus are investigating them. This can give a short term score boost, but if they are verified can come back on. This is not a long term solution and if the initial disputes and subsequent disputes are not done properly you may see this happening.

At USCCRA our dispute process and dispute specialists work towards permanent deletions on your credit report. Again make sure you use a reputable company.

Remember You Don’t Have To Live In “Credit Prison”

Just because of a past “Life Happens” event. Too many people think it will take 7-10 years before they can purchase a home again and that’s just not the case. Many guidelines allow you to purchase a home again in 2-4 years after a financial issue.

I myself experienced an unexpected divorce in 1998, “I had no one to turn to and it was a rough couple of years getting back on my feet financially.” I had just started a new company, had no income and all my assets were frozen. I know what the experience is like, not only is the financial stress bad but the emotional and physical stress takes it’s toll.

What Makes USCCRA Different?

Our mission is “Restoring America’s Financial Health One Family at a Time” says Jim Hogle, Executive Director of USCCRA. With over 15 years of Real Estate and Loan Professional experience I am dedicated to providing and educating consumers about their credit.

Many times we forget the cost emotionally, physically and mentally when hard times hit a family financially. It costs us all. The number one cause of divorce is finances. Many Human Resource Directors talk about the lost productivity at work. Financial wellness is as important as working out.

Because of my mortgage and real estate background our Association was designed with 12 other benefits besides credit repair to get you back on your financial feet again. Many clients need additional trade lines of credit or a 2nd chance bank account to regain financial stability. That’s what we hope to provide. The sooner we get you back on your feet, the better you, your family and our economy will be.