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Your USCCRA Team & Benefits to Assist You

US Consumer Credit Restoration Association, LLC, commonly referred to as USCCRA, is a national membership based organization. Our mission is to assist anyone with low scores commonly caused by Divorce, ID Theft, Bankruptcy, Job Loss, Foreclosure, Short Sale or a Medical issue.

If Home Ownership is your goal, out team has extensive experience in the mortgage industry. With over 20 years experience of looking at mortgage credit reports USCCRA has assisted thousands of people achieve home ownership!

All 3 of your credit reports will be reviewed and worked on so no matter if you want to buy a home, car, get a job or promotion you can be assured your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act will be enforced so YOUR information is verified its yours and is reporting 100% accurately.

Association Members will benefit from:

  • Excitement of seeing YOUR credit score bolstered to the best possible level.
  • You will experience pride associated with home ownership and achieving this goal for you and/or your family.
  • You will have a new improved Self Worth and Lessen your financial stress! Did you know that 50% or more of divorces are caused by finances?
  • YOUR confidence grow after being re-inserted back into the credit economy and you will know what YOU can do to help your scores and what to do if say a new collection appears or a collection company calls.
  • YOUR OVERALL FINANCIAL STRESS will go down so your health and relationships improve! Check this out below:

Are You Sick With Worry?  Your Credit and Your Health.......

Percentage of people who reported to be stressing over being in debt:

27% reported ulcers or digestive-tract problems (compared with 8% of those who have low levels of debt stress)
44% had migraines or other headaches (compared with 15%)
29% suffered severe anxiety (compared with 4%)
23% reported severe depression (compared with 4%)
6% had heart attacks (twice as many in the lower-stress groups)

Source: Associated Press/AOL poll for Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation

Our Mission is simply this:

“Restore America’s Financial Health One Family at a Time”

YOU will be educated in the credit system and take responsibility for your financial dealings so you can move forward with the knowledge to build a great credit profile and keep it that way..Your Life, health, self-worth and relationships can all benefit from the USCCRA experience!

Your Team of Amazing Credit Experts

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CEO & Executive Director
James Hogle is nationally recognized as the “credit expert” author of “Creating Customers for Life”, speaker and is the Executive Director of US Consumer Credit Restoration Association, LLC. Forme..
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Credit Specialist & Licensed Psychologist
Original from Pittsburgh, PA Experience in the Credit Repair Industry since 2009 Experience in Counseling and Psychology since 2000 Fully Trilingual: English, Spanish, Italian Pu..